Color-Shift Purplish Pink Sapphire - 3.34 Carats

Size: 9.0x7.8x5.5 mm


Weight: 3.34 carats


Color: Medium light tone, vivid, strongly purlish red - stpR 4/6


Origin: Sri Lanka


Clarity: Eye Clean


Color-Shift Purplish Pink Sapphire - 3.34 Carats

    • Inclusions are present in all but the finest and most expensive gemstones. Inclusions and other clarity characteristics differentiate natural gemstones from lab-grown gemstones, and can in fact greatly enhance a gem's color and beauty. Inclusions make each gemstone unique and are responsible for many fine colors and phenomena in the world of gems. Without them, there would be no fine Kashmir blue sapphire, no Burmese star ruby, and no cat's eye chrysoberyl.
    • We take great care in our photography to provide you the most accurate representation of our gemstones. We take close up photographs to show you every detail, but even very noticeable inclusions might be invisible to the naked eye or might look different in person. Color and brilliance are best captured by video in diffused, natural outdoor lighting. Please request an outdoor video for any gemstone you are interested in.