Custom Jewelry 

Custom jewelry is our favorite! Why? Engagement rings, heirloom jewelry, extra-special anniversary gifts... They are the most fun! 


Just imagine...


'A gemstone catches your eye. Sapphire, Ruby, Tourmaline, Garnet, Moonstone. It's spectacular color, its sparkle, its depth, its ancient and natural origins. You pick it.


Next, you hold it in your mind. How do you want to wear it? A ring, a pendant of a necklace, a matched gem pair for a one-of-a-kind earring set?


You select your precious metal. The rare and beautiful earthly material to hold, protect and compliment your chosen jewel: Solid 14k Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver.

You easily place your order. Not many days later, you get the call. Your personally crafted piece of fine wearable art is ready.

We mail it quickly and securely to your door. Your piece of jewelry is presented before you in an adorable velvety box. You open the lid and it is even more gorgeous than you had imagined it could be. It shines and glitters at the slightest movement. The colors accompany each other in a way that pleases your eye. It is a masterfully crafted thing of beauty. It will last an eternity and will only gain value year by year.'

We work with trusted local jewelers with decades of experience, to bring you the very best experience and quality. There's never been a better time to support local!

Begin the journey towards your very own custom, high-quality jewelry piece by selecting a gemstone from our Website or Instagram (@ericksonfinegems). Let us help you turn it into the jewelry piece of your dreams!

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