Who We Are

Erickson Fine Gems is a story; of love, of passion,  of dreams, of gemstones. Here at Erickson Fine Gems we bring you natural precious and semi-precious loose gemstones and natural gemstone jewelry from some of the most exotic and difficult to reach locations in the world. Using our unique experience and knowledge, we go straight to the source and hand-select only the finest gemstones to bring back to America. We offer wholesale loose gemstones and gold jewelry online shopping. We specialize in natural sapphire but also work closely with loose gemstones like ruby, tourmaline, garnet, moonstone, amethyst, citrine, topaz, green beryl, and aquamarine. We have much more stock than what is listed here on our website. Please contact us if you are looking for any specific type of gemstone or jewelry, and we can help source it for you.

Ethical Buying. Ethical Selling.

We only work with sources who we can ensure run their business ethically. To us, this means treating and paying their workers fairly, providing safe working conditions, and giving consideration towards environmental impact. We do this by working with people we trust, and by personally traveling directly to our sources rather than ordering online. Relationships are our greatest asset. We personally oversee every step of the process, until when we deliver your gemstone safely into your arms, either on its own or set in a stunning piece of jewelry. We understand it can be hard to buy a gemstone online without seeing the gemstone in person. This is why we go the extra steps to take top quality, professional photos of our gemstones so that you know exactly what you are going to get when you place an order with us. We take close up photos and videos to show inclusions (which exist in almost every colored gemstone, and in many cases enhance their color and beauty) and outdoor videos to show how the gemstones shine. Gemstones always look best in person!

The Team

My wife, Telma, and I, Kai, are an adventurous duo who have a passion for gemstones and jewelry. My wife, originally from Brazil, is a jewelry designer, oil painter, and clinical massage therapist as well. A truly gifted artist, she provides our artistic touch, our fashion sense, and our jewelry design. I have had a passion for gemstones since I bought my first sapphire in Sri Lanka when I was 7 years old. I am a GIA Colored Stones Alumni member working towards my graduate colored stones degree, a mechanical engineer, and have some travel expertise built up from traveling extensively for 10 years as a young man. I also practice cutting gemstones myself and have taken the Gemstone Cutting and Recutting Course from Justin Prim at the Institute of Gem Trading in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sri Lanka 

We love Sri Lanka. Its peoples' warm hospitality, true friendship, and incredible generosity have made our experience in Sri Lanka amazing. Everyone is eager to show their culture and customs. The beaches, mountains, waterfalls, animals, tea, and gems are spectacular.